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Writing is a human talent empowered by tools and knowledge; the skill cannot be replaced by tools, neither can the knowledge be replaced by technology.


  • Educational site
  • Grammar charts
  • Verb, noun, adjective spellings
  • Level-up in your reading quickly
  • Start with Phonics

Word Hanon 88

  • A typing method great for classrooms—learn typing at even six years old!
  •  GitHub.com/PinkWrite/88
  • Free and OpenSource via GPLv3

PinkWrite 99

  • A K-12-ready, essay-editing web app
  • “Writers” can submit essays
  • “Editors” can review to be re-typed
  • “Observers” (parents) can watch progress
  • Scoring
  • Notes
  • Full administrative oversight
  • GitHub.com/PinkWrite/99
  • Free and OpenSource via GPLv3


  • Where our software projects live


  • Software & enterprise support

Intro to write.pink


First Edition of write.pink Reading Fast-Track & Future Roadmap

The English education side of PinkWrite, write.pink, now has the completed first edition, which includes: A comprehensive handwriting curriculum with various printable practice materials A complete “fast-track” book set for reading, from phonics through complex sentences, main tenses and moods, and comprehension of academic information A complete typing system, including first 88 words and a …

Resource Links

Google Translate Chrome Extension

This works great with the Chrome browser, to translate a single word or an entire page.

Ink Is A Verb | Open Source Living

Tutorials, videos, and open source software tools for Ubuntu and many other tools that make it easy to learn and work with multimedia, art, language, design, coding, and almost anything you can imagine.


Learn English by watching all sorts of videos with interactive subtitles.

Pacific Daily Times | Editorials

Published every Monday, audio via YouTube. Listen and read along with a Pacific perspective on both East Asian and American current events in the style of newspaper journalism.

The Point | 100 Words Weekly

Blog & podcast (blogcast) with 100 encouraging, challenging, and uplifting words every Monday. Listen and read along.

Hans Christian Andersen (fan collection)

A great collection HCA enthusiasts, respect for original art, and a tear-jerking story about Gilead, an Israeli high school student who died the day before graduation and the work (incl. this website) that continues after him.

Just So Stories | Rudyard Kipling

Published in 1902, Rudyard Kipling wrote timeless children’s stories. Kipling uses simple yet classic and timeless English, demonstrating the basics for much Western humor and English sayings.