First Edition of Reading Fast-Track & Future Roadmap

The English education side of PinkWrite,, now has the completed first edition, which includes:

  1. A comprehensive handwriting curriculum with various printable practice materials
  2. A complete “fast-track” book set for reading, from phonics through complex sentences, main tenses and moods, and comprehension of academic information
  3. A complete typing system, including first 88 words and a software app that can be accessed online or downloaded, aiding teachers to work with students

The next stages will be to expand this first edition to include:

  1. Some companion videos for the reading curriculum
  2. A parallel curriculum to include a system of comprehension, expanded reading, and writing that builds with graded grammar in concert with graded vocabulary and word components

After the companion videos for the reading curriculum and the parallel curriculum have been through the “sledgehammer” test, the final phase of will be to develop a teacher certification course.


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